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All funds go to furthering the mission of infant and toddler oral health.

About bOHP

Program Overview

Enclosed in the login section of the bOHP Kit© you will find the following tools:


    • Introductory Video screenshot-1-video.jpg
    • How to implement bOHP into clinical practice
    • Accompanying "talking points"
    • Continuing dental education (2 hr)

    • Education caregiver presentation screenshot-4-presentation.jpg
    • Caregiver Interview Charting screenshot-5-charting.jpg
    • Child Clinical Assessment screenshot-7-reportcard.jpg
    • Customized Report Card screenshot-6-reportcard.jpg

    • Developmental Considerations (Clinical, Behavioral and Socio-emotional) screenshot-3-devchart.jpg
    • Relevant literature citations and websites
    • News Updates

What’s next?

We are excited to have you implement bOHP in your practice and be part of this important movement. All materials are “tablet-friendly” for ease in its clinical use. Incorporating this program into your practice can help establish early oral health values while establishing a patient for life.