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All funds go to furthering the mission of infant and toddler oral health.

About bOHP

Why bOHP?

To break the unfortunate chain of events associated with Early Childhood Caries, we must reach children at an earlier age. However, a number of barriers exist, particularly among those at highest risk. A shortage of trained dental professionals to provide infant and toddler oral health care, a changing national demographic, and current national oral health policies are cumulative factors, the confluence of which present unique challenges. 

With the goal of changing the health trajectory of every child, we created the virtual "bOHP Kit©".       

Accordingly, the mission of the Baby Oral Health Program (bOHP) is to educate dental health care providers on principles of infant and toddler oral health in order to equip them with necessary tools to be comfortable and competent at providing preventive oral health services for young children. The “bOHP Kit©” is a tool that facilitates practitioners achieving this goal.